One-Stop Fitness Facility With Certified 
and Experienced Trainers

Dynamic CrossFit Workout Programs

Certified Coaches
Planning to join the high-intensity CrossFit program? Perform it only under the expert guidance of our professional coaches at CrossFit 313.

Enhance your health and fitness with the perfect CrossFit routine customized for your body type. Call  714-742-0897 for a FREE consultation.
Find Out More About the CrossFit Methodology

Expert Training From Certified CFL2 Coaches

At CrossFit 313, our certified personal trainers will take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. Your safe CrossFit practice is our responsibility.

Our trainers are certified by the American Council on Exercise and the SEALFIT. Consult them for your own personalized CrossFit career. 
Meet the Owners! Ashley & Clint Thompson (CFL-2)

Workout is Going to be Fun Now

Not happy with your daily workout regime? Come and join us at Burleson, TX today and experience the difference of a professional training regimen. 

We are a member of elite brands like Rogue Fitness, Reebok, Life Aid, and Kill Cliff. Sign up now for a fit and healthy tomorrow!
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