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At CrossFit 313 we are dedicated to giving you the best possible workout regimen to cater to your body type and strengths. Check out our 3-1-3 guide below that will give you an idea about what to expect in our gym! 

Three-Step Guide to Coaching

3. At CrossFit 313 there are THREE different standards for evaluating and guiding fitness - follow the ten general physical skills to develop and maintain a well-rounded level of fitness, follow a program that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive so as to be prepared for any challenge, and ensure that you train all of the three metabolic energy pathways. 

At CrossFit 313 we rigorously study these principals laid out by CrossFit teachings, and use this tenent as a daily reminder to push you, as our clients, to a higher level of fitness. This is our promise to you! 

1. We have ONE goal - to have you leave our gym better than when you came in; physically, mentally, or emotionally. You’ll be glad you came!

Remember our motto: Just keep walking through that door! We’ll take care of the rest!

3. As coaches, we fully understand and respect your decision to place your fitness in our hands, and we do not take the responsibility lightly. We follow a THREE step guide to coaching - technique, consistency, and then Intensity. This program is based on a foundation of safe and efficient movement patterns taught by our highly educated coaching staff.

We know that your overall health and wellness is our highest priority. In following this method, we will push you to levels of fitness you never thought possible, all while providing a fun, and injury free environment, to ensure that you will sustain a very long career in CrossFit. 

Here's What Our Happy Members Have to Say!

"If you've even ever thought about crossfit you HAVE to come to one of CF313's classes! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and can coach you through whatever level of fitness you're in! Ashley and Clint make each class fun and different!

They truly care about their programming each and every day. Best of all, you're working out with your crossfit family! Everyone at the box is welcoming and motivated to push each person to do their best ever single class! Come try it out! CrossFit 313 will not disappoint!"
- Lindsey Crouch

"Clint and Ashley are 2 of he best coaches/trainers I've ever had! Whether you're new or experienced, they have tons of knowledge to help you with your health goals. They truly care about every individual that works out at their box!"
- Michael Halsell

"My first Crossfit workout was on Crossfit 313's first Saturday Session. I must say, it kicked my butt and pushed me in ways I've never been pushed and it only took 15 minutes to show me what Crossfit is all about.

Even though I struggled, I was met with support and encouragement, by fellow Crossfitters and the coaches. I highly recommend you check out Crossfit 313's Gym and meet the coaches. You will not be disappointed."
- Brandon Glass

"Hands down Crossfit 313 has some of the best coaches in the metroplex and the gym is loaded with top of the line equipment. I have been a level 1 trainer and I have been to other gyms. I trust Crossfit 313 with my personal fitness."
- Don Adams

"Clint and Ashley are top notch! I've seen nothing but gains since training with them. Their training is definitely on point. Can't recommend them enough!"
- Tate Viehmann

"The detailed training program is at its best. They truly get to know you as an individual and they program to benefit you as an individual athlete. 

I would recommend them to any individual who desires to achieve some fitness goals regardless of their abilities."
- Fred T. Eichholtz III

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