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When you choose CrossFit 313 for your fitness training, you can trust our expert trainers to guide you every step of the way. We'll explain all the aspects of training, including technique, consistency, and intensity. 

Tate Viehmann

I found CrossFit very late in my life, not because I wanted to, but because it is what my wife wanted. We live very busy lives, with two daughters and demanding careers. At the time, we had a gym membership but struggled to be consistent. I went to CrossFit classes with my wife for one week and complained the whole time, at the end of that week we attended a Saturday class with a programmed benchmark WOD. I recall very vividly thinking, “This is insanely tough, but I DID IT, and dare I say, I enjoyed it?” After that class I was hooked. For me, the ability to lift weights without having to plan a program or go to a gym and figure it out, classes that work for almost any schedule, a community of like-minded athletes that encourage and support your progress, and results that happen just by showing up and doing your best was exactly what my wife and I were needing.

Initially it was hard, not only physically, but mentally as well. Fortunately, I quickly started to see changes both in my strength and appearance and was soon looking for more than just basic CrossFit programming. I started working with Coach Clint as a personal trainer to improve my weaknesses and learn better technique. I have been at CrossFit 313 since it’s first class @ 0500 on Jan 2, 2017. I continue to work on my weaknesses with Coach Clint and Coach Ashley and have obtained my level 1 certification to not only to help others but to better myself and my knowledge.
Bo Crouch
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