Monthly Pricing

RX Memberships - $125
RX Couples - $225
First Responders - $95
First Responders Couples - $215
10 Class Punch Cards - $150
Drop In - $15

Why are our prices more expensive?

All CrossFit 313 classes/open gyms are accompanied by 1 or more QUALIFIED coaches. Classes are all instructor led and not ‘your typical gym’. 

Facility & Equipment

CrossFit 313’s facility is a largely open 3,000 square foot warehouse and our equipment is furnished by Rogue Fitness. Each day you will be taught safely and correctly on how to use each piece of equipment during the workout. This sky-rockets your fitness results.

Training Services 

CrossFit 313’s coaching staff will provide specific programming and movement analysis in the form of personal training. 


At CrossFit 313, we’re a community! We want you be excited to walk into the gym each day. At CrossFit 313 we build family. Come join ours!

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